Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar: An Inconvenient Truth

All influential and "hip" groups of people, including GaySocialites, Tennessee guerilla women, LGBT advocates, Radical Left dot NET, and Socialist Christian Hippie QC were praying. Ladies and Gentleman, it's here. Al Gore has won this ideologically neutral piece of gold.

More precisely, the award for the best "Documentary" went to Davis Guggenheim, the movie director of the Director of Earth (see their common photo taken by paparazzi from the New York Times).

There's no reason for condolences for the old winners because the ethical actors such as Bruce Willis have avoided this contest anyway. See Al Gore's Oscar acceptance speech (draft on his party's semi-official website). See also criticism by Patrick Michaels, a climate scientist, of the scientifically incorrect speculations about collapsing glaciers in Greenland included in the movie.

Because it wasn't directly Al Gore who was awarded, the Gore effect didn't influence Hollywood directly. Instead, 200 flights were canceled in Chicago and 68 flights at the Kennedy Airport in New York because of the Gore Oscar snowstorm. A talk by Nima today was also canceled because he is stuck in a snowstorm. ;-)

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