Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Overheated blog

Dear readers! Let me declare a minor interruption of new postings for a day or more. This blog has been overheated because of the interview with Czech President Václav Klaus about global warming.

When the interview was linked as a "flash" special report on drudgereport.com, which is by the way a politically neutral website, I was sure that the servers could easily withstand something like ten thousand visits a day - unlike the websites of the U.S. senate :-) - because it has easily survived the Instalanche. What I found impressive is the CERN server that probably has to send 10,000 times 4 MB of the LHC songs a day. ;-)

Today, as the links to the interview appeared on hundreds of blogs and especially the main page of servers like digg.com, I became less certain about the capacity of all the servers providing files for this blog.

Figure 1: Blog posts tracked by Technorati that contain "Vaclav Klaus".

If you're interested in recent stories about Václav Klaus, he's visiting Japan and will return to Europe on 2/17. If you open news.google.com and search for vaclav-klaus, you will see that he has been given another honorary degree in Tokyo, met representatives of the Japanese industry, and plans to meet the emperor soon. ;-)

Thanks for your understanding and "see" you soon.


  1. Anyone who purports to believe that Drudge is "politically neutral" is either showing deep ignorance of the blogosphere or vibrant contempt for his readers.

  2. anyone who is hated by both Bill O' Reilly and Keith Olbermann is ok in my book.

  3. Dear Richard, Wikipedia is among the sources that start with arguing that Drudge Report is left-of-center, but others say it's not.


    I really don't know which sign I would assign.

    All the best