Friday, February 09, 2007

Trottier symposium

Lorne Trottier Symposium is held at McGill University in Canada. It is named after a generous sponsor of that university. Robert Brandenberger was a crucial organizer.

The symposium is entirely about the anthropic principle. Because there are people like Susskind and Gross over there, you should click the link above, find the lower left corner, and click "Webcast / English". You can see that both wrong opinions as well as correct opinions about the vacuum selection problem are represented by star physicists on the symposium. The previous sentence is correct regardless of the validity of the anthropic principle: the sentence is thus an example of really good and deep science about the subject. ;-)

Don't be scared by 30 seconds of French language: they only speak French because they're being hypocritical and they want to get the support of the cultural elites - but they otherwise speak English.

Price of the ILC

Dennis Overbye was informed by Barry Barish of Caltech that the price of the International Linear Collider was freshly computed to be $6.7 billion - one week of the Kyoto protocol. Recall that the cost of the LHC is about $3.8 billion de iure and $8 billion de facto.

Light changed to matter, stopped, and moved

Lene Hau and her collaborators here at Harvard University have done some new magic experiments with slow light.


  1. You know, McGill counts a significant number of French speakers among its students and faculty, and even offers many courses in French. This goes much beyond political correctness.

  2. Thanks for telling me, Jonathan, that's cool! I was afraid it was because of the sponsor only. ;-)