Sunday, March 25, 2007

Alaska: record cold snap

The coldest period Feb 12 - Mar 20 in Alaska occurred in 2007. The average temperature was minus 13.1 degrees Fahrenheit, i.e. 17 degrees Fahrenheit below the average, and it was enough to freeze not only alarmists' smiles but also septic lines.

Earth Commission for Thermostatic Control

Tom in Fairbanks, AK informed us that Tim Flannery, an Australian climate change activist, gave a talk about global warming during the cold snap. Larry R argued that it was a manifestation of the generalized Gore effect. ;-)

This is the second time I saw the name of Tim Flannery today. So I should tell you that in his book "The Weather Makers", page 291, the author proposes that "humans" have no other choice than to establish a global military junta that he calls

unless all demands to regulate carbon are met by the people of this planet. The goal of this junta would be to stop democracy and carbon circulation in the world and stop the climate from changing. Flannery argues that his pet project could easily grow out of Kyoto.

Now you know how the cutting-edge climate "science" looks like. Well, other people could think that it could be a good idea to decarbonate the bodies of these greenshirts such as Flannery before it's too late. While their brown predecessor was more concerned about global warming than Mr. Roosevelt, Mr. Churchill, or Mr. Stalin, he brought a lot of problems to the world anyway.

And that's the memo.

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