Sunday, March 25, 2007

Berlin Declaration: 50 years of EU

Congratulations to the 50th anniversary of the European Union. I guess that the early versions of the Berlin Declaration were full of "Orwellian Eurospeak" as the Czech president called in on Friday but the

seems kind of smooth to me and avoids the eurobureaucratic verbal constructs that are often inserted to replace words in order to give the officials an unjustified feeling that they're a special elite. It is conceivable that Angela Merkel's people simply had to erase the eurospeak.

The term "social responsibility" appears once which is OK with me. But there are some typos in it anyway. For example, in this paragraph:

  • We intend jointly to lead the way in energy policy and climate protection and make our contribution to averting the global threat of climate change.

the word "religion" is missing at the very end. Hasn't anyone noticed this typo, you may ask? Well, some people did but they were only given 24 hours to verify the document which is a "classical example of a lack of democracy".

In the last big paragraph, the text says that we are united in our desire to create a new common basis before the 2009 euroelections. Well, I think that the sentence is untrue - Europe is certainly not united in the opinion that something like a new constitution, old or new, is needed soon. The Poles, Czechs, and Englishmen don't feel any need for a new document while the Dutch and the French will reject it in the referendum. ;-)

But on the other hand, the formulation is so vague and watered down that it won't represent any problems. An otherwise worthless piece of paper was signed by two Germans and one non-German. Twenty-seven heads of countries burned some fossil fuels and spent one day to see this theater in Berlin and nothing else happened. Congratulations anyway!

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