Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Brian Greene vs Lawrence Krauss

If you're in DC today (Wednesday), you may try to see a debate of Prof Brian Greene himself with Prof Lawrence Krauss:
Congratulations to Lawrence Krauss that he will be able to meet Brian Greene! Well, if a reader wants to meet a famous physicist, just write a silly book against his field and all the gates will open. ;-) I am partially kidding but not quite.

The event will be moderated by Prof Michael Turner.

A few days earlier, the Pioneer anomaly was discussed at the same place.


As the Science magazine reports (while crediting "Lumidek" for a photograph, guess who's that), Krauss behaved as a simple-minded and aggressive warrior against science, pumping a lot of technically unsubstantiated and untrue statements and personal attacks (including statements that he wouldn't want his daughter to marry his string theory students - nice for Hong Liu and Raman Sundrum, among others) to the audience, and some of them bought it. It went far enough that Turner couldn't declare Brian a winner - claiming a tie instead.

Both Brian Greene and Michael Turner were very decent and tried to maintain a high quality technically focused discussion while Lawrence Krauss was mainly targetting the intellectual bottom of the audience with his incredibly cheap attacks and jokes.

As a famous colleague of mine is saying, Krauss is a typical example of a grumpy physicist who has never done anything important in science and decided that it's the more successful physicists' - string theorists' - fault and that he should revenge.

Krauss reminds me of the leaders of neo-Nazi parties from Czechoslovakia after the Velvet revolution who had nothing positive to offer but they were very good in supporting negative people's hatred against freedom, democracy, other nations, and successful people, among others. It took several years until these parties were eliminated from the political spectrum.

Audio plus another report is available.

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