Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Czech president in the U.S.

During his visit, Prof Klaus has
  • met George Bush Sr in Houston, Texas
  • mentioned that the visa process is often frustrating
  • gave a talk in Houston
  • called for a redefinition of the European Union in order to bring more freedom to its citizens; he mentioned that developments in Russia are better than expected
  • visited New Orleans, Lousiana and took a tour in an SUV, mentioning that the city reminds him of Prague after the 2002 floods (the Czech reporters know that SUVs emit "toxic" CO2, so they followed Mr Klaus in a bus instead)
  • gave a talk at a university in New Orleans; in a question period, he has explained a historian over there that he had no idea how history works; we see the same kind of catastrophe in [Al Gore] as we saw in the communists
  • Klaus, a lover of jazz, said that N.O. recovery is possible
  • will visit Alabama where he will see some art and criticize the erosion of freedom by eurobureaucrats
  • will give a talk at CATO, Washington, DC, on Friday 4 pm: the title is "Facing a challenge of the current era: environmentalism"
  • will meet Dick Cheney - who is hopefully doing well - and discuss the radars

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