Monday, March 26, 2007

Czechia, Slovakia, Poland vs. EU

The European Commission has slashed the annual 2008-2012 carbon limits for the Czech Republic by 15% to 87 million tons a year, and those of Poland by nearly 30% to 209 million tons a year. France is satisfied with its 133 million ton cap because it has a lot of nuclear power plants.

The numbers are comparable to the 2005 emissions.

The Czech Republic and perhaps Poland are planning to join Slovakia and sue the bastards in the EU who want to eco-terrorize the new members for whom the higher growth is necessary in order to catch up with the rest of Europe. Indeed, the recent growth in Czechia, Slovakia, and Poland was about twice the growth in the Western Europe and the Eurobureaucrats want to punish the new members for this growth.

It seems that Brussels may have forgotten that the Czech Republic has its good soldiers, too: see the picture. ;-)

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