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Elegant physicist makes string theory sexy

MSNBC has an interview with Brian Greene on Hawking, optimism, LHC, WMAP, predictions of the future of physics, the landscape, understandability of string theory, length scales, sci-fi movies, and balancing time.

Mark Srednicki argues that Alan Boyle's questions were very good. Also, Brian Greene answers a question about the landscape by saying that if it's true, it completely changes the way we think about the Universe. Mark emphasizes that Brian - much like real scientists - are interested in the question whether it's true or not: if it is true, then our de facto ability to say things accurately is clearly lower than many of us would like to hope. Bigots like the blue one or the black one are not interested whether something is true but whether it is consistent with some preconceptions and arbitrary assumptions what science should say. I fully agree with Mark: their approach is not an approach of a scientist.

P.S.: Those who click learn that I didn't invent the title. ;-)

If you think that one newspaper interview with Brian Greene in 24 hours is not enough, open The Seattle Times. The interview is about the Fabric of the Cosmos, steak (not terribly positive!), experiments to prove string theory, loafs of bread, and Brian's apparent inability to put the ironing board out without making a horrendous screech. :-)

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