Friday, March 02, 2007

Gravatar 2.0

On February 15th, Tom Werner, the creator of globally recognized avatars (gravatars) was kidnapped by the extraterrestrial aliens which is why Gravatars didn't work. No one has seen Tom Werner for nearly three weeks. However, I have negotiated with these aliens. They returned Tom Werner to our civilization and he has fixed the most serious errors in his new system.

The fast comments served by have gravatars installed by default. I have set the size of the icons to be 64 x 64 here. This system allows you to associate an icon with an e-mail address - more precisely with MD5(e-mail_address) where MD5 is an irreversible encrypting function. If you want an icon to be seen next to your fast comments (remember Rae Ann's bird?), go to and create an account. You need to own the e-mail account in order to click on a confirmation e-mail. Every fast comment signed with the address will be supplemented with the icon.

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