Monday, March 19, 2007

Harvard undergraduates are not sissy

"On Sunday, March 18, 2007, a male undergraduate student reported to the Harvard University Police Department that he was the victim of an attempted armed robbery while walking on JFK Street. At approximately 1:15, AM as the victim approached the intersection of JFK Street and Memorial Drive, he observed an unidentified male smoking a cigarette and gesturing with his hands. As he got close the unidentified male, who was holding a knife, demanded the student's wallet. The victim indicated to the suspect that he was going to comply with his demand for his wallet. The victim then resisted and threw his backpack at the suspect. As the suspect fell to the ground the victim disarmed him. The suspect then fled over the Larz Anderson Bridge into Allston. A search by the Harvard University Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police failed to locate the offender. The victim was not injured and did not require medical attention."

If you thought that it is only the male undergraduates who are brave, you're wrong. The feminists in particular have finally determined that they have no need to f*** the man. I apologize for censorship but my politeness standards are apparently tighter than those of the Harvard Crimson. ;-)

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