Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Melissa Franklin wants to spark a revolution

Melissa Franklin is not necessarily politically correct and it is interesting to talk with her. But her comment after receiving the "Spark award for women in science" (The Crimson), whatever it is, is kind of worrisome:
  • “Now that I know it’s a spark, let’s spark a revolution!” Franklin said.
What revolution? Something like a Great October Revolution, female edition? ;-) Readers from NATO, aren't you asleep? In Cambridge, MA, they are preparing a new revolution. Melissa, isn't the breathtaking disorder and frustration that feminism has created at Harvard in the last 2 years enough for every reasonable activist to be satisfied? She also said:
  • “What hasn’t changed is the fact that many men think that women aren’t the smartest,” Franklin said. “It’s just a belief they hold without having thought about it much.”
Well, another thing that hasn't changed is that statistically, they are right if their statements are reproduced correctly, not as the silly oversimplification above. See e.g. this article by Larry Cahill. I just can't understand how educated people in the 21st century can question these very basic and very universal outcomes of research - as well as common sense.

Crying in the bathtub because a girl hasn't yet started with homework is another small piece of circumstantial evidence, how it could not be?

Melissa's audience could also learn that specifically male physics professors are/were rapists, if I understand well. A very friendly comment, indeed. ;-) I don't believe a single word here. Any kind of sexual desire is driven biologically and universities were always among the environments where these things were as unlikely as possible.

In the Czech Republic, we at least have the law against the movements that attempt to suppress freedom. It's been occasionally applied to Nazis and communists but it is very likely that if something analogous wanted to create a "revolution", many judges would probably agree that the law is not just for Nazis and communists.

Please no more revolutions like that. The only five revolutions in the last 100 years that brought positive results were the relativistic revolution, quantum revolution, first superstring revolution, velvet revolution, and second superstring revolution. ;-) Among these five, only the Velvet Revolution has something to do with the society and moreover we only call it a revolution to be efficient: in reality, it was only great because it was really a counterrevolution. :-)

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