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NASA: Sun-climate connection found

In May 2006, NASA announced significant changes on the solar surface.

Another big-brand contribution to peer-reviewed denier literature emerged this week. As we have already reported, NASA has found Sun-climate connection in Old Nile records.

More precisely, Alexander Ruzmaikin, Joan Feynman, and Yuk Yung have found a non-trivial correlation between annual water levels in Cairo (left picture) on one side and the number of solar auroras (right picture) on the other side between 622 A.D. and 1470 A.D. See

Among other conclusions, in a Fourier-like decomposition, there are oscillations with a period of 88 years and with a period of 200+ year both in the river records as well as the aurora records.

Another peer-reviewed article added later

Charles A. Perry, Evidence for a physical linkage between galactic cosmic rays and regional climate time series, Advances in Space Research

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