Wednesday, March 07, 2007

One million visitors

The unique visitor number 1,000,000 (where uniqueness is counted on a daily basis) came from IP 71.203.223.# (Comcast Cable) in the U.S. He or she directly opened the page "2006 - probably the coldest year..." (you can also get there if you Google for coldest year) with the "Opera 9.10" browser. The visit occurred at 8:46:57 am on Wednesday.

The Sitemeter doesn't specify location of this lucky person with this particular IP address. ;-) But "traceroute" indicates that the user is in Tennessee, not far from Sharp's Ridge, a steep ridge north of Knoxville. However, the user could be much further. IPlocator at says it is in Dallas, Texas.

The locations of the visitors near 1,000,000 were:
  • 97 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates (fixing HP laptop keyboard)
  • 98 - Loh.Atdn.Net, United Kingdom (, Eric Pianka's holocaust & other pages)
  • 99 - Fort Worth, Texas (Performance Systems International, generic host process, from newsgroups)
  • 00 - Knoxville, Tennessee (Comcast, coldest year)
  • 01 - 74.98.141.*, Canada (Consciousness, from Wikipedia)
  • 02 - Ottawa, Canada (Defense research establishment, main page)
  • 03 - Stockholm, Sweden (Reuters employee, Roman Šebrle, googling for his pictures)
  • 04 - Franklin, Michigan (Comcast, main page)
  • 05 - AOL.COM (generic host problem error, from Google groups)
  • 06 - Campbell, Victoria, Australia (Grapevine, pages about IPCC AR4 and SPM)
  • 07 - Munich, Bayern, Germany (Siemens, main page, for my name)

Thanks for visiting this humble website.

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