Friday, April 06, 2007

CBC (not BBC): Global warming: Doomsday called off

Although I think that Martin Durkin's The Great Global Warming Swindle is more professional a piece of work, it is not the only documentary of its kind. In 2004, CBC (Canada) has produced a similar 45-minute-long film, and it has been available on YouTube for two weeks or so. It discusses many topics that are not covered in the Swindle such as the hockey stick graph, from the viewpoint of Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas.

Figure 1: Do the polar bears really feel the heat?

Another movie about the same topic is Climate Catastrophe Cancelled: what you're not being told about the science of climate change. This program may also be found on YouTube and Google Video.

See also Green House Conspiracy (1990) and An Inconvenient Truth ... or Convenient Fiction (2007). You may also see the first 11 minutes of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth (2006).

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  1. Thanks for pointing these out. Those of us in the fossil fuel industry are disappointed that the investments we've made in films, think tanks, op-ed writers, PACs, etc. have gotten only limited attention. The MSM shows repeated infatuation with institutions like scientific associations, universities, medical associations, etc. and shower them with attention, acting as if they have a monopoly on the facts.

    The last time I checked, the free market still worked: those of us in the coal industry have paid good money for our scientists. They must not be ignored. Their perspective is as valid as any university-funded or "consensus" scientific view.

    Thanks for playing on our team!

  2. slclemens is right. We in the Nuclear Industry support the climate intitiatives of the EC and the IPCC. Clean, green carbon-free nuclear is the way of the future. The problem for us on the side of promoting international agreements for reducing carbon emissions is that our side of the scientific argument has not been presented as well as the handsomely-funded deniers. Our models need more work and fine-tuning. It does not matter at the end of the day whether the CO2 theory of climate change is absolutely correct. Sooner or later the measurable data will fall in line with the models and the theory. The current re-growth of the Arctic ice cap(in 2008) is only a hiccup. The nomenclature has been changed from Global Warming to Climate Change so that both warming and cooling are covered by the theory. We need to work harder to prevent dissonant data on solar and galactic climate influences. Gore's films should be compulsory viewing in primary and high schools, up until the Carbon Credits regime scheme goes global. Carbon tax regimes, CO2 hedge funds, national tax departments, environmental groups, global financial institutions, & climate change think tanks all are working towards getting the taxes in place so that the West has no choice but to go along with Kyoto and become carbon-free. We can make the third world into stakeholders by giving them some of the taxes raised in the west. We in the wealthy West have a moral responsibility to cut back on our consumption, by cutting air travel, reducing the number of SUVs and giant flat screen TVs in each family, etcetera. A minimal carbon tax on food and consumables is a price that I am sure the underprivileged in the West will be only too willing to pay. We have to emphasize the moral imperative to get the plans in place and wory about the scientific details later. Onya slclemens!

  3. Interesting. Snozzle represents the common view of those who view to gain substantial financial benefit from following the Global Warming parade.

    When scientist can explain how global warming on earth has caused a reduction in the martian polar caps and the increase in the temperatures of Venus during the same time period, then he can talk about science and numbers. (see JPL labs for info on the Martian Polar caps)

    The problem is, if we blow loads of money to prevent something that doesn't exist and do not prepare crops, people, and governments for the possible upheaval resulting from cooling that results from a solar Maunder minimum, the results could be much worse.

    Look at the political and social upheavals after the Medieval warm period. Many 3rd world countries are economically, and agriculturally closer to the nations of that period than to the status of industrialized nations.

    In addition, all earlier warm periods caused an incredible surge in human culture, not the destruction of such cultures.

  4. Your comment about the social upheavals has really got me thinking, Sam. During the middle ages, China briefly resumed a prominent place internationally, with Admiral Zheng He's voyages, then fell behind soon after. Moorish Spain re-introduced the lost Greek classics, medical and scientific and engineering advances into Europe, then...oblivion.... I am interested...what exactly were you alluding to Sam? BTW I am in fact not a warmist nor with the nuclear industry. I was just heartily tired of the same tired old carbonist line that the previous poster slclemens was trotting out. You will note that the excellent video "Doomsday Called Off" was pulled from the CBC website. Also note that "the tree" in the Seychelles, which featured in the film, and showed that sea levels are falling, not rising, was later reportedly destroyed - uprooted - by Global Warming activists intend on eradicating any evidence that contradicts the polemic. I am starting to the climate change fearmongering just cover for a billion dollar nuclear renaissance and carbon credit scam. The scam of the century?

  5. Anybody familiar with Poe's law?

    "Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won't mistake for the real thing."

  6. Thanks for the tip, Hans; I have learnt something and will definitely add a winking smiley next time I try a stunt like that ;-)