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LHC: the time machine 1,2

If you have 5+6 minutes, click "Play".

The video starts with archaeologists and continues with the 14-TeV-scale archaeologists who will use the LHC as a time machine to travel 15 billion years to the past. :-)

Also, the movie explains that the LHC must discover the God particle and then all the superpartners.

Full links to both parts of the video:

You will also find other LHC videos in the sidebar of YouTube such as
Shockingly enough, the two-part movie above is also available in Czech.

Another movie about the ATLAS experiment follows the template of Star Wars:
Incidentally, the temperature of the LHC dropped below the microwave background temperature for the first time today: 1.9 Kelvins.

See also videos about CMS and ALICE at the LHC.

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