Monday, April 02, 2007

Particle masses from intersecting braneworlds

Chen, Li, Mayes, and Nanopoulos (PDF) study a viable intersecting type IIA string-theoretical braneworld on T6 divided by Z2 x Z2 with D6-branes that leads to a three-generation MSSM. It's the kind of model that the readers of Barton Zwiebach's book may have learned.

They predict masses of superpartners and the Higgs, among many other things, to be tested at the LHC. At the tree level, the normal Higgs, h0, is at 121.3 GeV and other new MSSM particles are between 200 GeV and 2200 GeV or so (from SUSY breaking terms that they calculate).

They also calculate the tree level approximations of the observed particle masses and mixings that are qualitatively semi-realistic but of course not exact.

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