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Petra Němcová: Thai school works

Petra Němcová, a supersymmetric model, has survived the 2004 tsunami under rather drastic circumstances:

At 3:30 of the video, you learn that she decided to trust the Universe - she really means string theory but doesn't want to make her talk overly technical - and she wasn't nervous at all although her life depended on a sequence of happy coincidences.

After she decided to trust the Universe, she was suddently - it's quite important that it was more than suddenly - released. :-) The last step in her Al Gore rhythm to survive was to catch a genus zero Feynman diagram - a tree - and save a few locals along the way.

Last month, she has finally gotten rid of that guy called James Blunt so she's now very happy. ;-) In Thailand, she just opened a school and a computer center. The kids were very excited and jumping around so her investment was probably a good one.

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