Friday, April 06, 2007

Taiwanese NMSSM Higgs

Taiwanese newspapers argue that it has been "confirmed" that the possible three-event new particle of mass 214.3 MeV (not GeV!) observed by the HyperCP collaboration is a pseudoscalar Higgs boson in NMSSM.
Well, I would remain highly skeptical not only because one of the people who claim this discovery is Taiwanese, too. ;-)

LHC failure

If you are interested in the news about the LHC that has failed the pressure test on 3/27, see a page at the Fermilab where the engineers who forgot to make the structure immune to asymmetric loading are employed. This part has to be redesigned during April and a new test should take place on June 1st.


  1. I am sorry to say that this test failure might just be the tip of an iceberg in the structural design fraud of the whole LHC. The real problem is much much worse.

    The concerned test caused structural failure at MERE 20 ATM pressure. I think testing under mere 20 ATM pressure is far far from being adequate. In the real environment, the encountered pressure is at least two orders of magnitude higher!!!

    Those high pressure occur due to the so called quench condition. You know the super strong magnet generates the high magnetic field by flowing a high current, 11700 amperes, through the super cold superconductive coil. If the superconductive coil warms up just a bit it loses its superconductivity and become normal resistors, the high current, which can not shut off immediately (think of a transformer!!) continue to flow through the resistive coil. The tremendous heat generated will instantly evaporate the liquid helium, generating a huge pressure.

    Basically, during a quench, the energy that was originally stored in the magnetic field is instantly released, heating up all the components. We are talking about 9 million joules of energy per magnet. That's a huge destructive force. designing a structure that can absorb and withstand such a destructive force it tough engineering problem.

  2. lubos,
    for the record, the author is CHINESE, although he's living in taiwan.
    He Xiao-Gang came to the U.S. and obtained his Ph.D. degree, through the program initiated by American-Chinese physicist Tsung-Dao Lee in the 80's. He was born on mainland China.

    By the way, do you consider yourself Czech or American?

  3. forgot to mention that program was called CUSPEA, and brought many really bright Chinese students to the U.S., who are now successful physicists, such as Xiao-Gang Wen.

  4. I am certainly Czech and only Czech, but I would certainly not be insulted in any way if someone said or thought I was American. ;-)