Saturday, April 21, 2007

Václav Klaus: Blue, not Green Planet

The book is being translated to English, German, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Bulgarian, and other languages but I can't tell you when it is going to be released so far

What is Endangered: Climate or Freedom?

To be released on 5/15/2007 in Czech...
Sold e.g. at KOSMAS.CZ

Global warming has recently become both a symbol and a prototype of the tension between the truth and propaganda. One politically correct truth has taken over and it is not easy to oppose it although a significant number of people, including top scientists, see the climate change issues, its reasons, and its impact very differently. They are scared by the arrogance of the advocates of the global warming hypothesis and the related conjecture that connects this warming with particular acts of Man. They are afraid of the consequences that it will have for all of us. The best environment for humans is the environment of freedom. It is the only right criterion to judge all environmentalist visions and all their categoric demands. The current debate about global warming is thus inherently a debate about the freedom.

Author: Václav Klaus

Czech name: "Modrá, nikoli zelená planeta. Co je ohroženo: klima nebo svoboda?"

Publisher: [nakladatelství] Dokořán

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