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Europe isolated over Kyoto

China, India, Russia reject carbon cuts. Australia realizes that the Kyoto has had no desirable effect.

Nominally right-wing German government is trying to convince the US government to impose caps. But Nancy Pelosi didn't offer the Germans much support.

Other two countries with nominally right-wing governments, Japan and Canada, want to reduce the CO2 emissions by 50% even if they have to pay for the third world and the U.S. However, both Republicans and Democrats want something slightly different, namely to subsidize coal.

It would be a mistake to think that the Japanese actually want to impose all these suicidal restrictions. Today, Japan refused to follow a new EU plan to stop climate from changing.

While Harper's people try to behave as greenies, they are being sued by Canadian ecoterrorists. That's where any kind of appeasement always leads.

When I suggested that right-wing politicians in many countries have started to do a lot of insane things, I should also mention that the German social democrats actually warn Merkel's government that a climate dispute against the U.S. could be dangerous. G8 is very far from a consensus and Europe is isolated over Kyoto.

But I don't mean the whole Europe. Poland and Czechia join Slovakia and all of them sue the European commission over its arrogant bureaucratic attempts to heavily reduce the CO2 emissions in these three fast-growing economies.

Today, the price of the European 2007 indulgences closed at 27 eurocents, more than two orders of magnitude below the price one year ago, but the gigantic worldwide fraud continues.

Via Benny Peiser.

P.S. Václav Klaus' book against the anti-greenhouse religion is now the #1 bestseller on kosmas.cz, a Czech counterpart of amazon.com. Al Gore's book is at #9.

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