Friday, May 18, 2007

Prague Mayor Pavel Bém on top of Mount Everest

Two days earlier, first purely Czech female scaled the peak

Klára Poláčková (29), a consultant born in Prague, became the first Czech female citizen to conquer Mt Everest on 5/16. Congratulations!

She went there together with Tashi Tenzing, the grandson of Tenzing Norgay who got to the top with Edmund Clinton in 1953.

Pavel Bém MD, the neo-liberal mayor of Prague who was allowed to go despite some controversies in Prague followed by other controversies in China that didn't give him the permission (so he switched to Nepal), was one day from the top when Poláčková already got there.

He was lucky enough to become the 10th Czech to defeat the peak today (on Thursday, the weather was bad). He has also become the second mayor to reach the tip - and Joe Quimby has only gotten there in the form of a sticker. In Bém's case, the victory was without oxygen, unless the plans were changed in the final stage.

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