Monday, May 21, 2007

Noisy picnic and political correctness

On May 12th, two groups organized a noisy picnic on the Quad's public lawn. Harvard students were everywhere around. Many of them were studying: it was a reading period. Many of them are sensitive and can't concentrate well if there is noise around.

It shouldn't be unexpected that someone called the police. If it were a party I couldn't effectively attend and if there were people around me who would also think that the noise is just too much, I would call police, too.

Police has checked whether the people have had any right to be there. The participants were asked to keep the noise down and the picnic continued. You would think that this story ends up with an acceptable compromise.

Except that there apparently exists a whole official foundation at Harvard whose very goal is to guarantee that peace is not what follows after such picnics. The foundation is called
  • Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations.

Its director, S. Allen Counter, has made the following breathtaking remarks:

  • This ["I Am Harvard" campaign] is an important step to take in what is clearly a racist community, in which police are allowed to use South African apartheid techniques to harass our students. If there had been 60 white students on the lawn, would police ride up on motorcycles with dark shades to make them show their IDs?

Wow. If someone makes a huge mess in front of the buildings where some of the smartest young people on the planet are supposed to study, it is illegitimate to call police because it is a black people's party and everyone - the whole community of Harvard students - is instantly accused of racism and the director of the "intercultural foundation" is black, too.

Counter's "foundation" is clearly meant to be a tool to intimidate students and other members of the community, politicize all questions, and make sure that a pathetic hypocritical ideology is more important than a tolerable atmosphere during the reading period and other values that used to be associated with the world of Academia.

I apologize but under normal circumstances, being black hasn't allowed one to make a huge mess in the middle of Harvard. In the past, everyone would understand that if someone didn't know why the previous sentence is true, his proclamation that "I am Harvard" shouldn't have been uncritically accepted.

These days, the Academia - universities as well as their individual departments - are literally flooded with similar distasteful foundations and committees whose only purpose is to overfill the community with propaganda and fear and to impose very unbalanced, politically biased code of a certain flavor.

We have a lot of committees for diversity and various departments for women's studies, among others. I think that the very name of these institutions is constructed to guarantee that only one type of ideas, one sex, and one race is being "protected" by these institutions. Feminists have a monopoly in the questions about the women's role in the society. Radical blacks have a monopoly in the questions about the interracial relations. Environmentalists have a monopoly in the committees that are dedicated to the questions of the environment.

Everything is designed to protect the totalitarian influence of one ideology and no one seems to care.

Show me a single influential scholar in a department of women's studies who understands the very basic insight about that discipline, namely why virtually all of scholarly feminism is intellectual garbage. Show me a single director of a foundation for diversity who would protect a white person against a black person. Show me a single chair of a deparmental diversity committee who understands that the lack of conservatives at the universities is much more serious a problem that the lack of a certain skin color.

The very structure of these institutions and foundations is designed to help to indoctrinate, intimidate, and radicalize the members of the academic community. The only good sign here is that Lucy Coldwell and other Crimson staff writers realize that something is wrong here, too. They ask Dr. Counter to apologize. I doubt he will.

In a previous incident, S. Allen Counter "accused" the Crimson that some of its writers were active in Hillel. At Harvard, it must apparently be a crime again - or at least is no longer kosher - to be a member of the largest campus organization of what is arguably the smartest nation in the world.

Outrageous institutions producing fear and tension - e.g. the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations - should be abolished as soon as possible unless the society wants the political correctness to reach the same level of madness as a certain ideology did in the 1930s.

And that's the memo.

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