Friday, May 11, 2007

North Korea celebrates its glorious leader

Click to get thirteen pictures by Mr Jan Zátorský from the MF DNES Czech daily. He has tried to find out whether the people really believe the communist orthodoxy or whether they just perfectly play it, driven by fear, but he has failed. It was impossible to find out anything. No foreigner can freely move in the country or ask questions to locals. Foreigners are not allowed to hold won, the local currency.

So what currency do you think is normally used by visitors and others in this country that looks just like the Stalinist states in the 1950s? It must be a sufficiently influential but sufficiently leftist currency. Yes, it's called the euro. ;-) The people in Pyongyang are grateful that they were allowed to live in that great city. Everyone looks serious and obedient. The pictures:
  1. Subway in Pyongyang: the deepest in the world
  2. Celebrations of the leader: a more impressive counterpart of Spartakiáda
  3. Crowd in the capital
  4. Visit of a Czech journalist
  5. Both leaders: the late father and son
  6. Streets of the capital
  7. Two women in the capital
  8. Agriculture
  9. The skyline of the capital
  10. Celebrations of the leader
  11. Celebrations: doves
  12. Celebrations: three-colored men
  13. Bikes on the street: cars are very rare

Half-empty avenues. Revolutionary slogans. 20-meter tall statue of Kim Ir-Sen with new flowers from excited worshippers. Billboard with a worker whose fist is directed against invisible enemies.

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