Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sustainable development: U.N. edition

How does the ideal sustainable development look like according to the United Nations?
  • GDP growth: minus 4.7 percent (worst on the continent)
  • Inflation: 2200 percent (highest in the world)
  • Unemployment rate: 80 percent
  • food: accute shortage
  • hard currency: accute shortage
  • medicine: unavailable
Congratulations to Zimbabwe for its presidency of the U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development. It will allow them to spread their great results in the whole world. This country, previously known as the breadbasket of Africa and now led by an old anti-capitalist Gentleman of questionable intelligence, is a great symbol of the true nature of the international movement for sustainable development, environmentalism, and similar kinds of ideological waste.

Recall that the most recent catastrophe in the formerly thriving colony of Rhodesia started in 2000 when the leader of the country began to violently steal farms from white owners. The United Nations are currently led in such a way that this kind of criminal entities have the maximum power not only in their own countries but even at the international level. Under normal circumstances, a "leader" like Mugabe should be promptly removed by a more or less human intervention. But it's apparently not politically correct these days. Instead of saving the people of Zimbabwe from his disastrous policies, the United Nations act as a leverage to extend his influence abroad.

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