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Weinberg cancels UK visit: cites anti-Semitism

Exactly one year ago, we reported that NATFHE, a bizarre left-wing organization, insists that the Jews must fight against their country if they don't want to be boycotted by a large part of the British academic world. That boycott was lifted so Weinberg agreed to attend a conference dedicated to Abdus Salam.

However, a week ago, Steven Weinberg sent a letter to Mike Duff that he couldn't visit the PASCOS conference because of anti-Semitism in Britain that was revived by another despicable boycott organized by a union of journalists - surely the same journalists as those who write that Einstein may have started the rot.

Weinberg mentions that he often sees anti-Semitism in the Guardian, the Independent, the BBC. But the previous link shows that the right-wing Telegraph may be added to the list, too.

That must be a doubly disappointing episode for Weinberg who loves Britain and who considers himself left-wing because these disgraceful campaigns are organized by British left-wing academics. Needless to say, similar events and sentiments are not confined to British schools. Similar campaigns at MIT and Harvard were anti-Semitic in effect, if not intent, too.

I just can't understand what leads the people to organize such campaigns against a country that surely belongs among the more democratic and decent ones and the most democratic and decent ones in the region. It must be a feeling that the Jews enjoy some advantages and wealth that they shouldn't enjoy. Maybe it is the $20,000 GDP per capita, exceeding all oil-rich Arab countries. Maybe it is the magic shekel. Maybe it is their right to have a country.

Whatever is the exact reason, we must ask: do the British scholars show a left-wing envy or a racist sentiment? Is there any way to distinguish between these two?

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