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Wolfram: Mathematica 6

Wolfram has just released the most important advance in the 20-year history of his program,

Mathematica 6
Besides a new user interface optimized for Windows Vista and powerful editions of MacOS and Linux, the program has dynamic interactivity, knows all possible kinds of visualizations, understands many types of common file formats (including e.g. export to SWF flash!), and can automatically prove some theorems, optimize combinatorial and non-linear calculations automatically, scan pictures, besides dozens of other fascinating features, new special functions, and methods to deal with numbers and data.

It's apparently no longer Mathematica - it should be called Civilization II instead, except that it is a name of a famous game. ;-)

Look carefully how some of these features get packed (full screen):

Thanks to AA Torok.

See also: Stephen Wolfram's blog

Competition: Maple 11

In related news, Maple has released Maple 11.

Update 2008

Buy Mathematica 7.0.

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