Sunday, June 03, 2007

Back from JFK airport

I just returned from the JFK airport, opened and the story #1 is that four people wanted to destroy JFK airport. The article claims that it would be more serious for the U.S. economy and self-confidence than the fall of the Twin Towers.

It is not trivial to imagine how it would work but maybe, putting all the jet-fuel lines (the BuckEye system) on fire would do the job. The density of people at JFK - at least Terminal 4 where I spent about 8 hours - seems rather low to me. If they could put all nine terminals simultaneously on fire, that would have a huge impact but i simply don't know how they could do so reliably.

Three people are arrested and another one is being looked for. Two among the four are citizens of the Socialist Republic of Guyana, a multicultural Latin American country with 57% Christians, 37% Hindus, 9% Muslims, and 7% Bahai. Well, another example where socialism, multiculturalism, and Islam may lead.

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