Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bill Clinton is 99.9 percent the same as Rush Limbaugh

Bill Clinton's annual class day speech at Harvard was mostly about the fact that 99.9 percent of the genome sequence is shared by all humans.

Clinton is so impressed by this number that when he found Rush Limbaugh in the same New York restaurant, he almost ruined Limbaugh's dessert by telling him that the two Gentlemen were 99.9 percent identical, too. Finally, he only shaked his hand and said "Hi". That was a good choice because otherwise, Limbaugh could think that Clinton had accused him of havind done 99.9 percent of Bill's things in the Oval Office, among other things.

Clinton believes that this high number means that everyone should emphasize what we share and not what divides us - and that everyone should fight not only poverty, disease, and terrorism but also climate change. It certainly looks like a 75 percent nice conclusion but I don't quite see how it follows from the number. We should also note that we share 96 percent of the genome sequence with chimps. More importantly, Clinton's recommendation is not a real recipe to reduce conflicts. The ex-president probably doesn't realize that attempts to force all people to like the same list of things and personalities as Bill Clinton does is a source of conflicts by itself.

Clinton's speech was followed by two orations. I guess that Clinton always likes the orations.

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