Wednesday, June 20, 2007

CO2 emissions: China has surpassed U.S.

China has become the #1 producer of carbon dioxide already in 2006. Congratulations - because the CO2 emissions may be viewed as a very good measure of the industrial strength.

It shouldn't be shocking for those who knew that China's 2005 production of carbon dioxide was only 2% below the U.S. levels. Why? Well, it's because China's CO2 output grows by about 9 percent a year. It is no coincidence that the number equals the GDP growth. Together with restrictive measures in the developed world, this meant that the U.S. was already 8% below China in 2006.

Russia will cash in on 60 billion USD in 2008 for Kyoto machinations.

BBC will continue to cover climate skeptics.

Investor's Business Daily: Ban made Annan seem like a voice of reason. The daily uses Klaus' article in The Financial Times to argue that Ban is a high priest of the global warming religion. ;-) Incidentally, the title of Klaus' article, Freedom, not climate, is at risk, now has over 75 thousand Google hits and the number keeps on increasing.

Via Benny Peiser.

Carbon indulgences: price. Meanwhile, carbon dioxide is 250 times smaller a problem than it was a year ago. In summer 2006, the price was minus 30 euro per ton. Yesterday, it closed at 0.12 euro per ton.

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