Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Huffington Post and DailyKos endorse Václav Klaus

If we exaggerate just a little bit, there exists a universal consensus by now that Czech president Václav Klaus is right about global warming in his Financial Times article. (See also my synopsis of the Q&A session.) The consensus includes the progressive website called
The Huffington Post (thanks, Willie!)
where they have decided that Václav Klaus is one of their two most favorite people in the world: Greg Gutfeld analyzes the influence of terrorism on global warming and challenges Sheryl Crow, Laurie David, and Leo DiCaprio who behaves as an ecowhacko even though he has played your humble correspondent in the String Kings. And the consensus covers even DailyKos:
DailyKos: Václav Klaus is not wrong
Well, it's true that among the commenters, you find a few contrarians or, as Hamas calls them, mutineers. ;-) But if you had doubts that DailyKos as an entity loves Klaus' article, you may see another reaction:
DailyKos: Unbelievable, extremely useful article
Fine. This guy was somewhat less friendly but he was still excited! :-)

If you find DailyKos insufficiently radical, you can see that even William Connolley :-) reacts in a rather friendly fashion. It seems that most Americans want Klaus to become the U.S. president.
Investor's Business Daily
describes Klaus as the leader of respected scientists who risk their reputation. In the last few minutes, the list of excited reactions includes:
and more than 2,500 other world's leading pundits including Brit Hume at FoxNews who read two quotes of Klaus and Lindzen (wait for 1 minute). The debate is over, global warming is crap. Even Al Gore now agrees with Klaus and your humble correspondent that the G8 climate deal is a disgrace. And that's the memo. :-)


  1. Thanks for the link and the list! So the old press will figure this out when????

  2. Wow, really interesting post. You mention the Huffington Post and Daily Kos, two entities that I thought were nothing but useless leftist drivel and I have to say I'm really bemused and pleasantly surprised that Vaclav Klaus has made so much sense that even these are willing to acknowledge that.
    Vaclav Klaus is, in my books, one of the greatest leaders on the planet today. (Australia's John Howard is another).
    I'm an English teacher who was tutoring a Czech self-made millionaire a few months back. This man is a personal acquaintance of Vaclav Klaus and after having long discussions with him, I began to see that he's really an extraordinary man who is not afraid to buck the global status quo and to speak the truth. Long may he live!