Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gaza Strip is becoming Hamastan

The real dream of the most progressive and politically correct segment of the Palestinian nation hasn't been a Palestinian state. Instead, it has always been Hamastan, an Islamist country fighting against Israel and all forms of freedom.

The picture above shows representatives of the Green Party of Palestine, also known as Hamas, that also has an official website.

We criticized disengagement as a strategic mistake that would cripple the security of Israel in the medium term. Disengagement was organized professionally and many Israeli citizens surely liked that they would get rid of some problems tightly connected with a part of their country.

However, it should have been clear that such a partial surrender would energize the most radical Arabs in Palestine - a nation that is manifestly unable to establish its own civilized country at this moment - and it would provide them with an opportunity to gain full control over the situation. People who understand politics had to know these things for a long time.

For example, Benjamin Netanyahu decried the effective creation of Hamastan already in January 2006, when the Green Party won the elections. Unfortunately, the Bush administration is currently in shock and awe. The Abbas loss is a major surprise and blow to their policy. Well, that probably means that they don't understand politics and psychology too well.

Hamas has now started some kind of civil war - well, in Gaza strip it has already pretty much ended - and it is removing Fatah from many strategic places in Gaza strip, see You can see how Hamas has "executed" all Fatah officials in their security headquarters. These former officials are now officially referred to as vandals from suspicious dens: joy overwhelms, they say. Hamas has not only killed dozens of people but they have even kidnapped Mickey Mouse, forcing him to brainwash children about the Islamic domination over the world. Fatah's troops are numerous but they are lacking the kind of zealotry that drives the Hamas warriors.

Recall that the very name Hamas means "zeal". Paradoxically, zealotry was originally a movement in first century judaism. ;-)

In the West Bank, the larger territory in the Northeast that continues to be partially controlled by Israel, Fatah still shows signs of self-confidence and control over the situation but I am afraid that this is a temporary state of affairs, especially because terrorists can freely arrive to the region from the effectively infinite Arab thermal bath around. The West Bank is referred to as Judea and Samaria by many Israeli.

Samaria covers most of the ancient Kingdom of Israel and it is the Northern portion of the West Bank while Judea largely coincides with the ancient Kingdom of Judah and it is the Southern piece of the West Bank.

I think it is very clear where the situation is going to develop. Hamas wins and starts to create Hamastan, an Islamic totalitarian country whose open goal is to destroy Israel. It will take some time for responsible people in the world to realize that there is a problem over there. This delay will make the re-occupation of Hamastan less peaceful and more painful.

The Reference Frame urges all people who have something to do with these decisions to realize that they have made a mistake and try to correct the mistake before it's too late.

Update 1: Palestine Liberation Organization recommended Abbas to sack the government, declare a state of emergency, outlaw Hamas, and organize early elections. Still a hope that there are people with IQ above 80 over there.

Update 2: He did so. But I am not sure whether his acts are still relevant.

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