Saturday, June 16, 2007

Green and communist propaganda: comparison

Those readers who haven't lived in a totalitarian system may have problems to understand why the rest of us finds the structure of the environmentalist propaganda almost identical to the structure of the communist propaganda. To fix this problem, let me translate the official response to Charter 77, the pro-democracy statement penned by Václav Havel. You can compare it e.g. with DeSmogBlog's new defamatory pages against 61 of the "climate change deniers".

Rudé právo (The Red Law)
the official daily of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, January 12th, 1977: source in Czech
In their gnarly struggle against the progress, the international reaction is trying to create the illusion of a certain broad anti-communist front into which they try to drag not only open traitors but also fluctuating and disoriented individuals or groups, often covering themselves under the mask of the "Left" or "communists". They frequently try to achieve the impossible: to revive the political dead bodies, starting from those among the emigrants from socialist countries to those within the remainder of the class enemies in these countries, renegades, to various criminal and asocial elements. One of the forms of the "impressive" collaboration is the fabrication of diverse pamphlets, letters, protests, and other generic slanders that are presented as the voice of certain "opposition" individuals or tiny groups. With fanfare and in a co-ordinated fashion, these texts are being distributed throughout the capitalist world.

This description also applies to the newest pamphlet, the so-called Charter 77, that was composed by a miniscule group of bankrupted Czechoslovak reactionary burgeoisie as well as bankrupted organizers of the counter-revolution in 1968. Their work has been ordered by the world's anti-communist and Zionist headquarters and it was delivered to certain Western agencies.

This document is an anti-state, anti-socialist, anti-people, and demagogic invective that rudely and untruthfully slanders the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the revolutionary achievements of the people. Its authors accuse our society of organizing the life differently than according to their burgeois and elitist visions. These usurpers who scorn the people, its interests, and its elected representative organs try to assume the right to stand in for our people and they demand a "dialogue with the political and state authority" and they even want to play the role of a certain "mediator during potential conflicting situations". The existence of socialism in our country is only taken into account in one particular case - when they write down the name of our republic. The document is written from a cosmopolitan vantage point of the defeated reactionary burgeoisie, and it rejects socialism as a social system.

The authors of the pamphlet, seemingly living outside space and time, demagogically refer to such "important civilization values that many progressive forces in the history wanted to achieve", values such as freedoms and human rights. Yes, our socialist country has declared, in international documents as well as national laws codified, and obeys the widest selection of human rights and freedoms - for the working people, the landlords of this country. However, the inspirators of this pamphlet mean something entirely different by their words - they rave about the rights and freedoms for the remainders of the defeated burgeois reaction. What they care about are such "rights and freedoms" that would allow them to freely organize anti-state and anti-party activities, to preach anti-Sovietism, and once again, to attempt to destroy the socialist government's power.

Yesterday in the afternoon, around 70 resolutions denouncing the anti-socialist and anti-people slander called the "Charter 77" were received by the Metropolitan Committee of the Communist Party in Prague during a few hours. Many more letters keep on arriving. The workers of Prague's companies that are active in construction, machine industry, and other fields; physicians; the employees of municipal executive councils; teachers; associations of artists, and many more sharply reject the lies filling up the pamphlet.

Right after the morning workshift, the workers of dozens of companies have gathered for short meetings during which they have written down their clear attitude to the Charter. They have sent their work to the Central Committee as well as the Prague Metropolitan Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.
Let me now try to identify some basic common features of the propagandistic algorithms of both ideologies; it won't be too hard:
  • They try to convey the message that the opposition doesn't exist
  • If the opposition exists, it is composed of unsuccessful or dead bodies who have been defeated decades ago
  • The members of the opposition are painted as being controlled by others, usually by demonized sources of power, with hints of corruption; a connection - even indirect connection - with these ultimate "sources of evil" is presented as a complete proof of wrongness
  • Opposition gets badges that are meant to be derogatory - capitalist, Zionist, deniers, renegades, contrarians, reactionary, burgeoisie, oil-funded etc.
  • Opposition is presented as being against all the people - and all the people should agree and do agree with that; statements that everyone agrees and everyone keeps on supporting the official position are repeated all the time
  • The opposition members are criticized for their very existence and for the tiniest deviations from the official ideology, to assure everyone else that one simply can't join them if he wants to survive
  • Opposition is claimed to misinterpret words and facts even though it is pretty obvious that it is the official party who is doing that
  • The opposing individuals are deconstructed one by one by carefully crafted ad hominem attacks
  • The propaganda openly states that a debate or a dialogue itself is unacceptable and no details of the opponents' opinions are ever analyzed
  • Whenever it's possible, the opponents must be fired or otherwise harassed; a penetrating analysis of skeptics' personal lives and attempts to find anything questionable - even if it is completely unrelated to the dispute - is a standard tool of the propaganda
The real risk of this posting is that those who are imposing the environmentalist consensus will learn something from their predecessors who were much more experienced back in 1977 than most environmentalists are today...

Carbon debits

A remotely related, entertaining story. There exists a new company whose website is at that sells carbon debits. Their purpose is to save the Earth from carbon credits. So far they only cut trees for your money - to offset the impact of every single carbon credit that is sold in the world - and sell T-shirts but I hope that as the company grows bigger, they will add some new activities. For example, they could deliver additional toilet paper to Sheryl Crow or drive children on fast motorbikes around the city (or in the helicopters) to have some CO2-producing fun. At any rate, The Reference Frame applauds a very good idea to fight against a fashionable lunacy.

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