Friday, June 08, 2007

May 2007 was 0.35 C cooler than January 2007

UAH data show that May 2007 was 0.35 Celsius degrees cooler than January 2007. This temperature difference equals to the hypothetical global warming trend predicted for two or three decades. Nature is nevertheless able to make such a change within four months. Have you noticed that the Earth was 0.35 C cooler than in January? I have not. Moreover, I can show you that you couldn't have either. May 2007 was also cooler than September 1980 and many other months when you were much younger.

The picture above doesn't describe the current state but the state of Earth in a few thousand years. We are approaching the end of an interglacial. Click to see more comments on ice ages.

The Northern Hemisphere reveals an even more impressive recent cooling trend. May 2007 was 0.47 Celsius degrees cooler than February 2007; it was the coolest month since the beginning of 2005. Also, May 2007 was 0.84 Celsius degrees cooler than April 1998. The same magnitude of warming as the cooling that occurred on the Northern Hemisphere within 3 months is predicted for the future period of 30-50 years. Analogously, the cooling since April 1998 equals the predicted artificial warming for most of the 21st century and some people, including many people who don't yet live in asylum, are ready to sacrifice trillions of dollars (from the pockets of other people, of course) to avoid this "catastrophic" hypothetical prediction. The world is just mad, isn't it?

RSS data make the picture even more complete although they only talk about latitudes between -70 (South) and +82.5 (North). May 2007 was the coolest month after July 2004. The most drastic cooling between April 2007 and May 2007 appeared between latitudes +60 and +82.5 (the Northern polar areas), namely by 1.91 degrees Celsius in one month! You should note that one month is enough to cool the Arctic region by two Celsius degrees - the same temperature change that is routinely presented as a catastrophe even if it takes one century!

Your humble correspondent doesn't trust the surface data too much. But according to GISS, May 2007 was 0.37 Celsius below January 2007.

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