Monday, June 04, 2007

RAS wants Griffin to retract his heretical idea

Scientists rally around Griffin...

Meanwhile, Prof. Michael Rowan-Robinson, the president of the Royal Astronomical Society, has a different opinion. For the sake of clarity, I have replaced some modern jargon in his statement by the conventional, old-fashioned vocabulary that has been established during Galileo's life and that more accurately describes Rowan-Robinson's mode of thinking:
In Exodus 30 God the Lord commanded Moses make a holy anointing oil out of the best spices of myrrh, cinnamon, and cassia, along with the low-carbon oil from the olive tree. With this mixture, all the tent of the covenant with its accessories, as well as Aaron and all his sons, were to be anointed and dedicated...

That's why I was so disturbed to read the comments by the Head of NASA, Father Michael Griffin, on global warming and climate change. While accepting the first seven commandments that a trend of global warming exists, he dares to question whether this ‘is a problem we must wrestle with’ as summarized in the remaining three commandments.

This is counter to the strong advice of the world's priests, expressed through the Fourth Lateran Council (AR4) and the enlightened wisdom of the Holy Inquisition, who have urged the world's spiritual leaders to act swiftly to limit the rise in warming to no more than 2.000 degrees Centigrade. It is also counter to the stern report by Pope Paul V (PBUH & SAW), which demonstrated that limiting global warming is both do-able and affordable.

Europe's Jesuits, space scientists, astronomers, commissioners known as the Qualifiers, and Solar System scientists, especially those who believe the greatness of Scripture, will be dismayed by Michael Griffin’s position and it will undermine their confidence in his leadership of NASA, an organization with which the both UK and the Church has a strong shared purpose.

I call on Michael Griffin to recant his godless idea and to do penance. The idea about the inability of Man to stop climate change is absurd in philosophy and formally heretical since it explicitly contradicts in many places the sense of the IPCC Holy Scripture while the free mobility of the future temperature is, in regard to theological truth, at least erroneous in faith.

Also, his comments about the arrogance are a very dangerous thing, not only by irritating all the policymakers and climate scientists, but also by injuring our holy faith and rendering whole chapters of the IPCC report, obtained by the scientific method, false. Publication of further opinions of Michael Griffin shall be forbidden and Atlantis shall be renamed to Hansen the Space Shuttle. Should Griffin resist the decree, stronger action would be taken.

You have heard the holy word of consensus of 3000 people in RAS who support all of our commandments unanimously and wholeheartedly, except those 53 percent of heretics whose life won't be long and rich unless they turn their hearts back to God and His fine struggle against the greenhouse effect. Amen.

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