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Strings 2007: website

Update: Jacques Distler is live-blogging: Monday

The official website of Strings 2007 (Mon-Fri)
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There are menus under the nine Spanish aristocrats on the painting by Goya. The Reference Frame is the only place in the world where you can learn that the painting is "Blind Man's Buff", 1788. No, it's really not "bluff" as the page indicates.

Because I have learned that not everyone understands the painting, let me tell you that the blindfolded female aristocrat in the middle symbolizes the bulk of M-theory and the similarity with the hexagon drawing is no coincidence. We haven't been told whether the participants will play this M-theoretical game after the talks. :-)

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snail feedback (3) :

reader Alejandro Rivero said...

It is "La gallina ciega", the name of the game they are playing. Sometime it is quoted as "La gallinita ciega".

If you check the wikipedia you can find the game listed in different languages. It seems that "Blind man's bluff" is UK+Irland specific.

reader Alejandro Rivero said...

Hmm, no, "buff" is UL+Ireland

reader Luboš Motl said...

Hi Arivero, in Slavic languages, we call the game "slepá bába" or its variations (blind grandma or blind old woman). Anyone who can extract words from Russian text can see at other translations here.

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