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Al Gore & Live Earth

Posted on 07/07/07 at 07:07:07. See also 06/06/06 06:06:06 and 11/11/11 years after the birth of 11-dimensional M-theory at 11:11:11.

Hundreds of musicians have demonstrated that there is much stronger consensus about global warming among rock musicians than among scientists: all of them want to look like saviors of the world while all of them want to live in the most expensive hotels and mansions and to fly in private jets. All of them may be used as textbook examples of hypocrites.

They should better try to be saviors of modern music because saviors of the world usually cause a lot of troubles if they're morons at the same moment, and sometimes even if they're not.

I am not a fan of this particular kind of music and listening to most of those unknown musicians for hours would be a pain for me. The format and goal of Live Earth was a classical advertisement - attempts to connect show industry with unrelated products - but a good advertisement of this type is 24-seconds-long, not 24-hours-long. (A long chain of these concerts was broadcast by the 2nd program of the Czech public TV station - the weakest among 4 major national TV channels. I suppose that the number of people who watched it was negligible.)

It would be much more pleasant for me to listen to one approved hit - such as "All I wanna to is have some fun with one square of toilet paper" by Sheryl Crow or some songs by Madonna - for many hours.

In some sense, I feel that the event could have had a positive impact - it may return "global warming" its well-deserved status of a fashionable ad supported mainly by people who don't have too much stuff in their skulls and whose ideas don't have a lasting value and by their weird audiences who often live on drugs and whom you don't want to live with or even listen to.

That's why I not only subscribe to Martin Durkin's quote below but I even think that most people whom I call sensible surely agree with it:

I think [the concert is] a combination of hypocrisy and ignorance because the idea of Al Gore and Madonna telling us the world is consuming too much makes the mind boggle. But ignorance because so few people are prepared to actually look at the evidence and there is so much evidence now that flatly contradicts the notion of man-made global warming. I think this is political prejudice rather than science.
We have also learned from organizers of the concert in South Africa that the poor attendance in Johannesburg was caused by global warming, too, because extreme cold weather is always caused by global warming, much like normal weather in the other cities.

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