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Bussard fusion: funding from California

Read here... Update: the page under the link is updated and the rumors were probably not true.

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snail feedback (3) :

reader M. Simon said...

It turns out this is a false alarm:

Talk Polywell.

See Joe Strout's comment at Wed Jul 25, 2007 5:09 pm

reader Uncle Al said...

H-B fusion requires ion temperatures nine times higher than D-T fusion. H-B kinetics peak at 600 keV (6.6 billion centigrade). D-T peaks at 66 keV (730 million centigrade).

So what do you think - polystyrene foam, pink Fiberglas, or metallized Mylar for thermal insulation?

reader ventana said...

I guess you didn't notice that this was Centigrade, not Kelvin. This is 6.6273x BK dude! You're gonna need the Mylar.

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