Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Climate brainwashing: British public resilient

Despite a massive wave of brainwashing and manipulation by the media, the British public keeps its relatively rational opinions about the climate. Alternatively, if you want to use the jargon of Paul Eco-simpleton or Eccleston for short,
the public is in denial about climate change.
See also the BBC.

56% realized that experts were divided about the causes of climate change while 21% disagreed. 40% realized that the climate was too complex to make forecasts while 38% disagreed.
The discussion about the greenhouse effect continues and approaches 500 comments.
Climate change turned out to be less important than crime, immigration, the NHS, traffic, litter, graffiti, parks, noise, and dogs fouling the sidewalks.


Meanwhile, in the U.S., 48% of people think that the country shouldn't sign the Kyoto protocol while less than 35% think that it should.


Russia has warned against hasty actions on climate change.

Reid Bryson

The 87-year-old (he looks great!) co-founder of American climatology, Reid Bryson, became a target of hysterical eco-Nazis because he is a global warming skeptic. So don't expect that high age will save you from this aggressive movement.


The governor of California doesn't have to be such an unlimited green nutcase as he often likes to be seen. Schwarzenegger has terminated a radical alarmist in his climate team, Robert Sawyer, and another one, Catherine Witherspoon, followed.

Via Benny Peiser.

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