Sunday, July 29, 2007

David McMahon: String theory demystified

David McMahon has written approximately eight books whose title is "XY Demystified" where "XY" is "Statics and Dynamics", "Linear Algebra", "Signals and Systems", "MATLAB", "Circuit Analysis", "Quantum Mechanics", "Relativity". "String Theory Demystified" is thus the natural followup.

Also, if you have an iPod and six dollars left, you may buy String Theory Protector Skin Decals. These skins not only protect your player but they are even constructed purely from components contained in string theory, including strings, branes, and whatever they become at a strong coupling.

Also, if you don't have time to read Harry Potter 7 and you are nevertheless interested in the main points, you should know that I have done the research for you and there is exactly one such point and it appears on the last page. The abstract says: the scar on his forehead hasn't caused any pain to Harry Potter for nineteen years. ;-)

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