Saturday, July 28, 2007

Internet ADSL

As a small kid, I was kind of impressed that one wire - or the air in your room - can support all the information needed for dozens of radio and TV stations. You don't see anything but it's there.

Well, rationally speaking, I am no longer stunned by this fact, having known something about the Fourier analysis and resonance, among other things, for almost two decades. But each person has some irrational core, too. It is still fascinating that the same old telephone cable is now able to connect the world not only with a telephone but also with two computers at 2 Mb/s. The installation worked very smoothly and all worries about Vista incompatibilities turned out to be entirely unjustified.

Also, I remember the worries about the inflexible communication market in the Czech Republic a few years ago. These worries seem so distant today... The former socialist telephone provider became a part of Eurotel and more recently a branch of Telefónica, a Spanish (now global) communication company. Everything from them uses the following logo:

Yes, it looks like oxygen: the bubbles as well as the O2 employees are informally nicknamed waterfarts (vodoprdy), indicating a mixture with CH4. Their service looks nearly perfect to me. Still, they face a lot of competition in all the markets - classical phones, cell phones, digital TV, mobile internet, and others. Nevertheless, it will take several days before some meaningful or even valuable articles reappear on this blog. Have a nice end of July, Luboš

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