Wednesday, July 04, 2007

LHC: horrible girls from CERN are back

Most readers of this blog don't have to be introduced to
Les Horribles Cernettes,
the horrible girls from CERN, a high-energy rock band whose picture was incidentally the first image on the web and whose music has been played on this blog as background sound for more than a month.

After 6 years of absence, Les Horribles Cernettes (WWW) are back on the planks of the CERN Hardronic Festival. On July 21st, they will rock their fans out at CERN Restaurant 3 (Prevessin), with three new songs adding to their physics inspired repertoire: "Big Bang", "Mr. Higgs" and "Every proton of you". Since the release of "Collider", their classic hit song in 1990, the Cernettes have become the queens of "High Energy Music", a branch of High Energy Physics that many physicists cannot live without. Dear to over 20 thousand physicists worldwide, the girl trio has been featured in world class press, including the New York Times, the Herald Tribune, Wired etc., and has performed at numerous physics related events around Europe, official and not, singing about quarks, detectors, the web, networks, microwaves, and the Large Hadron Collider. In fact the LHC, whose acronym was derived from the band name, became famous as a seating appliance for the singers, before becoming a particle accelerator. The band was in fact photographed while sitting on an LHC dipole, 10 years before being built, in what became the first picture ever published on the web. The Cernettes, in the current line up with Michele, Anne, and Victoria, will sing again with their live band (in more recent appearances they had sung over a recorded base), and promise to rock the place down, as is their standard, and to get absolutely everybody at the festival dancing and shaking madly to their sixties sounding doo-wop rock & roll tunes.

Via Silvano de Gennaro, The LHC Management Office

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