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Michael Moore causes global warming

"Don't Fart" at another weblog rationally analyzes an article in Nude Socialist that argues that "it is becoming clear that obese people are having a direct impact on the climate". Bee has some comments about the actual flow of energy in this context.

The author doesn't distinguish global warming and wasting of energy and moreover is unable to calculate that the "obese" contribution to CO2 emissions is negligible. Simple formulae such as "global warming = waste of energy = fat people" are characteristic formulae of religions: "devil = sin = blasphemy = criticism by preachers = burning at stake". It is the very goal of religions to make people unable to distinguish more than two nouns, two adjectives, two scientific concepts. Everything is black or white and any deeper analysis becomes impossible. That's good because all believers want to be "100% white" which is why they're 100% manipulated by the church.

If we were living in a sane world, the author would simultaneously publish an explanation in another journal that would reveal that the text in Nude Socialist is a hoax whose goal is to demonstate poor intellectual standards of the journal.

However, we don't live in such a world which is why the author who wrote it is a genuine bearer of an alternative mental infrastructure himself. (I hope that this synonym for a nutcase is sufficiently politically correct.) Moreover, believe me or not, he is a professor. Is Michael Moore going to continue to support the global warming movement under these circumstances? What if the religion suddenly decides that fat pigs must be sacrificed to Gaia?

We report, you decide.

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