Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Arctic ocean getting warm; seals vanish and icebergs melt

A dramatic article about the Arctic ocean getting warm...

Arctic ocean getting warm; seals vanish and icebergs melt

...Great masses of ice have now been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, ...at many points well-known glaciers have entirely disappeared...

Page 2, The Washington Post, Nov 2nd, 1922 [sic]

Thanks to Beb Ferguson, The Washington Times, Inside the Beltway, and John Lockwood

UK Met Office: no warming for 4 years

The UK Met Office has published a paper in Science that takes climate modelling to a completely new level. They take not only SUVs into account but also the existence of oceans, La Nina, heat circulation, and even the weather. Moreover, they did something else that is unprecendented in climate science: they actually tested the model, using its retrodictions for 1982-2001, getting satisfactory results. See
They offer more accurate data and argue that there has been no warming since 2005 and there will be none until 2009 but between 2009 and 2014, one or two years could perhaps beat even 1998. That's what I call a true catastrophe. ;-)

Richard Kerr tries to interpret the paper in the same issue of Science at a popular level. He mentions some breathtaking revolutionary discoveries, for example that one can get better predictions by taking the existence of Nature and its current state into account! ;-)

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  1. In the same article in Slate that calls McIntyre a liar, in so many words,


    is this quote:

    "Here's a paper laying out the differences between the warm weather of the '30s--which was largely confined to the high latitudes--and the more serious warming of today (see p. 5). Among other things, the Arctic ice wasn't disappearing as rapidly in the 1930s."

    Link to paper which I cannot get to come up, so I don't know what they base their claim that warming in the 30's did not extend to the Arctic.

    Slate says that Hansen's techniques are completely transparent, contrary to McIntyre's claims

    Conservatives keep claiming that Hansen is being secretive about his "algorithms," although the methods for NASA's analysis are all laid out in painstaking detail here

    Here is the link: