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Hillary cancels meeting with the Kos mob

Thanks God.

Hillary has canceled her attendance of all parts of the annual convention of the revolutionary hordes around that have something to do with these nasty folks themselves. It shouldn't be too surprising from a former young big-shot Republican who is currently supported as the best candidate by 9% of the readers but it is still good news.

Three days ago, a leftist nutcase called Mike Stark has harrassed Bill O'Reilly in Bill's own house and flooded the neighborhood with obscene posters. Bill O'Reilly has revealed himself as an extremely peaceful person and didn't shoot the extremist into his head even though this is exactly what guns were invented for.

For those who think that Mike Stark is an exception, let me say that 40% of the community consider Stark's "idea" to be good. Hundreds of thousands of revolutionary trash. What else do these people have to support before we will agree that they are scum?

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