Wednesday, August 15, 2007

John Schwarz: stringy history 1960-1984


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  1. I like the remark in the QCD section:

    Such possibilities were not contemplated in the early years, so it understandable that
    success was not achieved.

    Probably the "upgrade" of the theory to the Planck scale, and the abandonment of straight QCD-scale efforts, was too early. In 1974 the full hadronic spectrum was not known, because the third generation of quarks was just a conjecture, the tau still controversial in the experimental ovens and not bottom nor top. Even a theoretical physicist using the CKM matrix argument to imagine a third generation then (or the anomaly argument once the tau was established) had not imagined the very different yukawa couplings of top and bottom. How do you build a QCD string spectrum with so weak input?