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NBC & global warming jihad

NBC about deniers: video
NBC has fully joined the most radical group of the global warming jihadists. It's kind of amazing but in these 2 minutes and 34 seconds, a form of the word "denier" appears seven times - a higher frequency than the apparance of "infidels" in the Islamic jihadists' speeches. They probably want to make sure that you won't miss it. ;-) Prof Patrick Michaels is chosen as the representative of all of us, the deniers. They show him walking above a caption saying "IN DENIAL". ;-)

Anne Thompson even accuses Michaels from not believing that global warming will flood one third of Florida! Well, Michaels must be a truly fringe denier, indeed. Would you believe that someone would deny such an obvious prediction? His hybrid and fluorescent light bulbs (and green shoes for his suit, as I saw during our lunch in D.C.) won't help because his case is just too serious. :-)

Instead, a Prof Michael Oppenheimer meditates whether warming will elevate water level 140 cm above a street of Manhattan or 170 cm above the street of Manhattan: that is the main question, he says using his hands because numbers don't seem to be his cup of tea, and the deniers don't even want to sit somewhere in his range and find the right point in this range, i.e. to answer his key question! This kind of madness is precisely what is wanted in the Academia, currently overrun by far left-wing whackos, so this particular nutcase is the chief of the Geoscience program at Princeton.

They uncritically cite an extreme political activist group, the Union for Concerned Scientists, to sling mud at everyone who doesn't agree with the tenets of the global warming jihad. The "deniers" are surely paid by ExxonMobil, and so forth. I wonder whether they realize that these corrupt journalists themselves have earned more money through this gigantic worldwide fraud than the money that they are incorrectly associating with the "deniers". For example, all recent salaries of Ms Thompson are for alarmism and as far as I can say, she should return them if she were at least a litle bit fair.

By a constant repetition of these untrue Goebbelsian clichés, they expect their point of view to be accepted: probably by everyone. I wonder what kind of idiots are ready to buy such a product? I think that one must be extraordinarily stupid to be influenced by this extraordinarily cheap type of propaganda at all and I think that most Americans are well above the threshold so that this kind of nonsense doesn't make a difference, can't make a difference, and won't make a difference. I've never watched NBC because it was never on air or in the cables I have had. And if it was, it has never attracted my attention. But now I see that NBC is a TV for the intellectual bottom of the human society.

Brent Baker and Jake Gontesky respond, too.

Instead of the conventional memo or other good FoxNews slogans, let me wrap up by an NBCian phrase to guarantee that the good people have the last word: the debate is over.

And that's the memo, anyway.

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reader Bob Clark said...

I think the phrase "follow the money" definitely applies here. NBC is a subsidiary of General Electric, which stands to make a lot of money off of "clean power" alternatives such as wind turbines. Considering the fact that the global warming folks have sucked up $50 billion dollars of taxpayer funds since this whole thing started, trying to make the skeptics look nasty over a purported $10-$20 million from the oil industry is just a little disingenuous.

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