Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New York: record cold

Yesterday, the high temperature in New York, 59 degrees Fahrenheit, tied the record set in 1911 for the coldest August high ever and was 23 degrees below the normal high:
The New York Sun
The record cold high of 64 degrees Fahrenheit for August 21st, set in 1999, had to be edited, too. The new record is 5 degrees cooler than the previous one:
Summer 2007 is on its way to become one of the coolest summers on record: July was 1.5 degrees below the normal and August is so far 1 degree below the normal. Participants of the Simons Workshop on Long Island such as
Aaron Bergman
are freezing, too. But you won't hear these stories from The temperature in the Arctic is way more important for the society than the temperature in Manhattan, as long as it is warmer than average. ;-)

These court jesters deny global warming and look how they dress up in August: how funny. ;-)

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