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Urban heat islands: fabricated papers

Two papers,

Wang et al., Urban heat islands in China (GRL 1990)
Jones et al., Assessment of urbanization effects in time series of surface air temperature over land (Nature 1990)
seem to be based on fabricated data such as data from China that were claimed to come from the same stations even though the location of most stations was changing many times by as much as dozens of miles (which is, of course, a huge problem for any analysis of the urbanization effects).

The paper by Jones et al. (1990) is important because it is used by IPCC AR4 to resolve an apparent contradiction: the paper argues that the urbanization effects are 10 times smaller than needed to explain the observed 20th century warming trend. Douglas Keenan has used some observations of Steve McIntyre ( and himself and filed a formal complaint of research fraud regarding this work:
Report on the claims
If you're interested in some details of these complaints, you may contact
doug.keenan at,
call (UK): +44 20 7537 4122
Other well-known climate articles on The Reference Frame Update: CanadaFreePress reports, too.

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