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The AGW emperor has new clothes

They want to send a powerful message to Swiss politicians.

"It's about the softness of their bodies and the hardness of those glaciers." Well, not only their bodies. (No, I don't mean the same thing as Rae, I mean their science that is soft, too.) What they're doing is a "proactive stance against what could happen". Get ready: clothes cause warming, too.

It remains to be seen whether the Swiss politicians will understand what is global warming and who are the advocates of global warming. ;-)

Dimming the Sun

PBS/Nova has repeated the one-year-old program about global dimming. Here's the preview, transcript, and my abstract:

James Hansen is our holy prophet. 25 full years ago, he predicted warming. Since that time, the Earth got warmer. (That's good news because if it had gotten cooler, we would have to make a religious program about Hansen's colleague Stephen Schneider instead.)

These days, scientists everywhere worship the Son of God. But God is greater than anyone could have imagined before. The huge warming of 0.8 (?) Celsius degrees in the last 100 years, most of which occurred in the last 30 years (?), is just a small shadow of God's true power.

In fact, the real magnitude of God was masked by a brother of global warming whose name is global dimming. This powerful brother can change climate in a few days and it contributed to the worst droughts we have ever seen. Once we unmask the full power of global warming masked by its sibling, the warming may become as fast as the most dire predictions and we may expect the real judgement day.

Hansen: I think we have less than a decade and then we will pass the point of no return on our journey towards the hell.

What will the future of our planet be now when we're dimming the Sun? Say good-bye to Florida and Louisiana, Holland, and Bangladesh because such temperatures were only seen 2 million years ago.

One day after 9/11, concerned scientists were ignoring Manhattan. Instead, they were looking into the skies that were unusually clear and sunny. Dr Travis knows that it's because the airplanes and UFOs were grounded. It was not just Dr Travis: a young German graduate student noticed it as well!


Now imagine one hour of this stuff. ;-) Stuff that hasn't yet convinced RealClimate.ORG alarmists (I,II).

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